Misting Installation

    • Much like an irrigation system, there are no two systems that are exactly the same. They can vary in size, number and type of heads, number of zones, etc., depending on what your particular requirements are.

    • The installation starts with an initial visit and site evaluation by our technician. A general plan is created based on discussions of your particular requirements. This step is very important because you can have the best equipment and chemicals, but if the system isn’t properly planned and installed, it will not work to its optimum potiential.

      Next, our certified installers will arrive at the installation site. Following the general customized plan, they install the nozzle circuit and connect the main unit. They may make field adaptations, if needed, for the optimum use of your system. When completed, the small heads will be barely noticeable, effectively blending in with the surrounding landscape or architectural features. An average sized system installation can generally be completed in about a day or less.

      After the system has been installed, they test to be sure that the mist pattern is fully covering the areas you frequent and, then, they program the misting cycles around your particular schedule.

    • Before leaving, the certified technician will review the location of the nozzles and pressure lines so you are aware of their placement. They will also take you step by step through the operation of the unit and the remote.

    • We always check back in a few days to see if there are any further questions or possibly some heads that might need redirecting. Depending on the severity of your insect problem, you should see a big improvement in several days and by 1-2 weeks there should only be an occasional mosquito…guaranteed.

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