We offer two types of systems, the “tank less” or the drum reservoir system.
“Tank less” system vs. the drum reservoir system

”Tank Less” Unit
    • The “tank less” has the most advanced misting technology available today.

    • The on board “Smart Cap” precisely tracks and dispenses concentrate from the insecticide cartridge, and mixes a “fresh” batch of solution before the misting cycle. This assures an evenly mixed chemical and the elimination of any possible microbial buildup that can happen in a drum system.

    • The “Smart Cap” patented technology gives the unit flexibility. The dose rate (potency of the chemical solution) can be changed temporarily, reacting to spike periods of mosquito activity, due to weather changes. This saves chemicals.

    • The unit is the only one available on the market that can notify you with a blinking warning light of a leak. So chemical solution is not wasted and, for safety purposes, it will suspend dispensing the insecticide until the leak is repaired.

    • The unit is housed in a rugged powder coated steel housing, which effectively extends the working life of the internal working parts. Since most units are installed outside, it protects the unit against harsh weather.

    • Chemical refills are more economical than with the drum unit.

    • The unit is smaller than the drum unit – about the size of a small cooler. Asthetically it is more pleasing when located near the house.

    • For child safety, the components and the chemical cartridge are secured with a lock.

Drum Unit
    • The chemical is mixed in a drum and dispersed until empty, at which time, the drum is cleaned and refilled.

    • Although the initial cost for the drum unit is a little less than the “tank less” unit, the chemical refills are a little more costly.

    • The drum is larger than the “tank less” – about the size of a 55 gallon barrel.

    • The drum unit has a security ring and lock to prevent tampering.

    • For larger areas or commercial applications, there is a 125 gallon tank size available

    • The nozzles are nickel plated to prevent rust or corrosion.

    • Their small profile nearly “disappears” into the landscape.

    • They are highly engineered to turn on and off at prescribed pressures,which prevents dripping.

Control Center
    • Both the drum and “tank less” units have control units that are sealed and are nearly waterproof, unlike most of the competitor’s units. Waterproofing prevents malfunctions due to moisture intrusion, which can occur after time since the units are commonly placed outside, often times in unprotected areas.

    • The units come standard with a six week battery backup to guard against power failure, allowing uninterrupted misting and eliminating the need for reprogramming.

    • The “tank less” units are the “smartest” on the market. They can do such things as detect leaks, shutting down the unit until the leak is repaired.

    • Both units have a remote control and receiving unit as standard. This adds flexibility to the system to adjust to your lifestyle.

    • With the remote you can stop, skip, or add an additional cycle. This is especially handy when preparing for a party or outdoor entertaining.

Other Stuff
    • Wind sensors are available as an optional add-on. They temporarily ”hold” a misting cycle until the wind decreases, preventing “wind drift” of the chemical mist.

    • All systems have extra heavy duty motors, pump, and viton seals, which are not commonly found on competitor’s systems.

    • The system pump provides a high line pressure (typically 240psi) which, together with the precision nozzles, produces a mist with a smaller droplet size. This correlates to a more efficient and effective quality of mist. The smaller droplet means that more area can be covered with less chemical, and it is more easily absorbed by the mosquito.

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